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Información sobre medicamentos + Libros     // portales médicos
Recursos médicos Recursos médicos
Pediatric database General Pediatric
Problem-Based Learning Home Page VIH y SIDA
Motherisk Club Atheneum
Normal Reference Laboratory Values PAPPS infancia y adolescencia
Web del Grupo de Diabetes de la SAMFyC Quality of Life Instruments Database
Una nueva aproximación al cumplimiento terapéutico NICHSR Introduction to Health Services Research
AIDA virtual diabetes patient Asma infantil
AFP Monographs Cardiac Surgery in the adult
Eye Simulation Application Eye simulator vers 2.0
Enlaces sobre cribado Ca de mama Cancer de Prostata
Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults A smoking cessation policy for Scotland
Sindrome de Brugada Talaria
HIV Treatment Guideline Library  Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines 2002
Prescribing heroin: what is the evidence? Full Guidance on the use of Glitazones for the treatment of type 2 diabetes
Chest Pain: Differentiating Cardiac from Noncardiac Causes (PDF) Using antipsychotic agents in older patients (PDF)
Osteoporosis and bone physiology Reviews of clinical signs
Osteoporosis education QOLID  the Quality Of Life Instruments Database
Heart Failure Risk Scoring System Medical approaches
Guía Nacional (Arg) de tratamiento de la adicción al tabaco GPC sobre Lumbalgia inespecífica
Diagnosis and Management of Cough Executive Summary Cervical cancer: screening recommendations, with algorithms, for managing women with abnormal Pap test results
Internet Sistemas de Información e Informática en Medicina
Medical Meta Search Documento final del Grupo de Expertos en Información  y Documentación Clínica
Virtual Training Suite:Internet for medics Rota Doc
Bristol Biomedical Image Archive Making Health Care Safer
A Critical Analysis of Patient Safety Practices
Worth While Web:50 Useful Sites for Family Physicians DoCDat directory of clinical databases
An information strategy for the modern NHS
Information Needs for Primary Care Groups
Historia Clínica Informatizada Historia Clínica Informatizada
WONCA international glossary for general/family practice ICD-10
Measuring Quality, Outcomes, and Cost of Care Using Large Databases ICD-9 Codes for Family Practice: 1998-1999 
ICD-9 search ¿Cómo funcióna la CIAP?
ICPC-2-E: the electronic version of ICPC-2.Differences from the printed version and the consequences Genopro
Clasificación Internacional de la Atención Primaria, CIAP-2, traducida al castellano    folletos The Caldicott Committee: Report on the review of patient-identifiable information
Expectación excesiva acerca de la pronta implantación de la historia clínica electrónica Advantages of computer-based medical records
The cost of knowledge in Nephrology and the importance of clinical database La historia clínica electrónica en atención primaria
Mastering Your Appointment Book Electronics, clinicians, and the NHS
Medical criteria Medical Records Projects
The Immunization Action Coalition and The Hepatitis B Coalition  
Vaccine Information
for the public and health professionals
Measuring functional health status with the
COOP/WONCA Charts, a manual
Electronic Patient Centered Communication Resource Center
Información cientifica médica Gestión Clínica
The Reincarnation of Biomedical Journals as Hypertext Comic Books Managed Care Education Clearinghouse
Escribir en Revistas Médicas Promoting health care quality: what role performance indicators?
El estilo en las citas de los recursos electrónicos Productividad en atención Primaria traducción de Productivity in Primary Care  por Ernesto Ruiz
Problem Knowledge Couplers Bioethics for clinicians 
Clinical Librarian Revistas médicas de gestión
Giving something back to authors Effective Medical Practice and Managed Care
Tecnologías aplicadas a las bibliotecas de ciencias de la salud. Un resumen de los últimos años Ley General de Sanidad.14/1986
Journal impact factor: a brief review Medical Terminology
Library Training Guide Declaration of  ALMA-ATA
Should Medical Journals Be a Private Business or a Public Service? Clinical governance in primary care groups: the feasibility of deriving evidence-based performance indicators
National Library of Medicine Recommended 
Formats for Bibliographic Citation
Performance indicators for primary care groups: an evidence based approach 
Brandon/Hill Selected List of Print Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century
Answering Family Physicians’ Clinical Questions Using Electronic Medical Database Frequent attenders in general practice: an attempt to reduce attendance
Strategies in Clinical Teaching Cost-Effectiveness of Primary Care
Polishing your presentations Knowledge and information for clinical governance
Setting priorities for waiting lists: defining our terms
PubMed: bridging the information gap Plataforma 10 minutos
Visual PubMed Agendas para disfrutarlas. Diez minutos por paciente en agendas flexibles
A taxonomy of generic clinical questions: classification study Performance ratings for NHS trusts in England
Sponsorship, Authorship, and Accountability Ten Rules for Health Care Reform
Patrocinio, autoría y responsabilidad Centre for Innovation in Primary Care
The Informationist: A New Health Profession? Los Equipos de Atención Primaria: Propuestas de mejora
  Problemas acuciantes en atención primaria
Does the Structure of Clinical Questions Affect the Outcome of Curbside Consultations With Specialty Colleagues  
Information at the Point of Care: Answering Clinical Questions Información sobre medicamentos
Helping Physicians To Keep Abreast of the Medical Literature: Medical and Philosophical Commentaries, 1773-1795 Clinical Pharmacology 2000
The new alchemy: transmuting information into knowledge in an electronic age National Prescribing Service
CML's Guide to Information Resource Banque de Données Automatisée sur les Médicaments
Online tutorials CDER New and Generic Drug Approvals-1998-2000
Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publication SOURCES OF DRUG INFORMATION
  MTRAC Department of Medicines Management
Información científica médica. Bases de datos Drug therapy Update
MESH Browser Drug-induced lung diseases
Descriptores en ciencias de la salud Medicines Information Bulletins
Bibliographic Databases: Past, Present and Future Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation
Electronic Database Tutorial Medicamentos y embarazo
Tutorial PubMed traducido Drugs in pregnancy 
Base de datos Investigación en Enfermería Publicaciones CADIME
Base de datos de Documentación Médica Española Prescribing indicators for UK general practice: Delphi consultation study
The "Cubby" Evaluating reference-based pricing: initial findings and prospects
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Citation Index Prescribing for Patients, Practices and Primary Care Groups - Information aspects!
Herbal database Farmacos
The Trent Research Information Access Gateway Promoción de medicamentos
Qualitative research in health care Groupe de Recherche et d'Action pour la Santé
Producción Científica Española en Biomedicina y Ciencias de la Salud: Mapa Bibliometrico (1994-2000) Carta medica
Med consultas MTRAC Department of Medicines Management
Graphical ResearchNet Browser World Standard Drug Database
Buscar en PubMed con los holding de la Biblioteca de la Agencia Laín Entralgo (BALE) Primary Care Pharmacy
Si utilizas Firefox descargate el pluging de búsqueda de Pubmed de la BALE (Sorry solo para  Madrid) Guía de usuarios de la literatura médica MCXXVIII: Como leer la publicidad farmacéutica
Anne O'Tate tool for summarizing a results of a PubMed query Comidas gratis ¡no!
Latinut WHO  List of Essential Medicines, April 2002
Patient Education Handouts on drugs
  Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed)
Papel de las estatinas en el control de la hipercolesterolemia
Miscelánea Portales
Make Your Presentations More Powerful DynaMed
Knowledge Base Home Page. A research methods textbook FamilyMed
Skeptic's Dictionary Praxis MD
Medicine in Quotations Online Best Treatments
Spiritual Assessment in Medical Practice
El síndrome de burnout o de desgaste profesional Md Choice
Presentaciones y ayudas visuales Dr Pen
Attending professional meetings Successfully Dermatoscopio
Health Promotion Development Resources MedNets
Medical Terminology
Strategies in Clinical Teaching
Blood Pressure Measurement
My Drug Reax
Vocabulario de ordenadores e Internet
Medicina Familiar Universidad Católica de Chile  
The Screening Neurologic Exam  
Para pacientes Para pacientes
Cómo escribir materiales de salud que sean fáciles de leer Vaccine Information
for the public and health professionals
Patient Decision Aids  
Pregnancy Calendar
Health promotion for nurse educators  
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Prosthetic Heart Valve Information
Libros Médicos en Internet Libros Médicos en Internet
  Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine WHO Guide to Mental and Neurological Health 
in Primary Care
Griffith's :5 Minute Clinical Consult Thyroid Diseases manager
Manual Merck Restless Legs Syndrome:
Detection and Management in Primary Care
Control de Síntomas del Enfermo con Cáncer Terminal Handbook of Ocular Disease Management
Rheumatology & Musculoskeletal Medicine for Primary Care Atlas of medical parasitology
Outpatient Management Manual Headache Cybertext
Cleveland Clinic Disease Management Project  
Buying Medical Books Online
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