Anatomía / Anatomy

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Bibliografía en Español

Información Acerca de la Anatomía en MedlinePlus

the visible human project

Radiology Anatomy Atlas, This is a free program, available for Macintosh and Windows, that allows viewing of labeled images of human anatomy.

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, Anatomía del cuerpo humano de Henry Gray, Versión completa (texto y gráficos) gratuita.


Street Anatomy Blog || Morbid Anatomy Blog

Incredibly Lifelike Anatomical Study Using ZBrush
A very lifelike 3D piece, by ZBrushCentral user askutt, created using ZBrush and rendered in Mental Ray for Maya. Reminds me of the 3D Dissection of Neck by Tsvetomir Georgiev that I posted many many years ago on Street Anatomy. I’m in awe of the 3D process for getting an image like the one above. The time and research askutt put into this definitely shows. Below he shares his process for creating the image. Definitely useful for those of you learning 3D and ZBrush! The creation of this was done completely within Zbrush, aside from the cloth which was a MD sim. Using […]

Aitch’s Rebellion Against Academic Anatomy
In the 7 years of running Street Anatomy I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and reading about artists’ motivations for using human anatomy in their work. It ranges from having parents with medical backgrounds, to dealing with a chronic disease, to a fascinating anatomy lesson in school, and beyond. Romanian illustrator Aitch, was not so impressed with her past encounter with anatomy. Aitch says of her experience, “I chose to work on this project because i always had an issue with the human anatomy. All those years in college and at the university made me so bitter to the academic/strict […]

Organ Donation: The Real Power Is In You
Brazilian digital artist Marcel Fukuwara helped shape these ads for the government of the state of Ceará in Brazil. The ad’s message, “The Real Power is in You,” encourages people to donate their organs to save lives. I think it’s a fun concept for a serious topic and very well executed to top it all off! Credits: Marcel Fukuwara – Moderler Sandro Grasset – Render Marcus Vinicius – Art Director Ad Agency – Propeg Studio – Z-axis View more of Marcel’s incredible 3D projects on Behance!    

Krisztianna’s Eerily Exquisite Muertitas
California based sculptor, Krisztianna, creates these eerily exquisite Day of the Dead inspired mounted female heads after coming home from her day job as an Art Director at an advertising agency. She calls the heads Muertitas, recalling the importance of the Day of the Dead culture to her and her family when she was growing up.  Kristztianna says, “Birth, death, and rebirth are all fascinating concepts, and the the art of the sugar skull is a powerful visual that helps me express my joy of life and respect of finality.” Driven by a fascination with storytelling, each Muertita represents a season […]

Michael Reedy’s 50/50
Michael Reedy is one of our favorite anatomical artists we’ve been following for many years. A classically trained artist and associate professor of art at Eastern Michigan University, Michael has created multiple series of anatomical art that pushes the boundaries of what we think of figure drawing and classic medical illustration. His paintings are richly indulgent explorations into the human body that are often full of silly ornamentation, both subtle and highly apparent as the googly eyes in the piece above. This recent piece titled “50/50“ is part of Michael’s Expulsion series, which he explains, In my most recent works I have begun […]