Anatomía / Anatomy

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Bibliografía en Español

Información Acerca de la Anatomía en MedlinePlus

the visible human project

Radiology Anatomy Atlas, This is a free program, available for Macintosh and Windows, that allows viewing of labeled images of human anatomy.

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, Anatomía del cuerpo humano de Henry Gray, Versión completa (texto y gráficos) gratuita.


Street Anatomy Blog || Morbid Anatomy Blog

Raluca Bararu’s Vivisections of Cruelty
Bucharest based Art Director and Illustrator Raluca Bararu created these surreal “vivisections of cruelty.” With a fascination with monsters and the grotesque, she infuses each piece with weird visuals. Bacon and eggs? Eyeball ovary? There’s also quite a bit of Romanian intensity in the subtle and not-so-subtle images of torture. If you’re interested in more, check out Raluca Bararu’s portfolio on Behance!      

Vero Navarro’s Hipster Bones
Madrid based illustrator, Vero Navarro is a colored pencil master. She skillfully combines colored pencil with digital techniques. Her illustrations are delightful and clever as you can see in this piece titled, “Hipster Bones.” I especially enjoy the bone pattern shirt! This print is available on her Etsy for $57. Grab one while they last! To view more of Vero’s beautiful work, visit  

Jamy van Zyl’s Rebirth
   Stunning piece by University of Johannesburg student Jamy van Zyl, created using ballpoint pen, marker and Washi.  “My work explores cybernetic connectivity in the context of a white, male South African who desires nothing more than to be immersed in Japanese culture.” You can certainly see the Asian influences in the details of this piece. View more of Jamy’s work on his Behance portfolio!    

Stackable Coasters Featuring Brain Cross Sections
This makes me scream, “Why didn’t I think of this?!” (As I’m sure every other medical artist out there is screaming as well…). The cerebral minds at ThinkGeek created these glass coasters featuring brain cross section which stack to form a 3D brain. Grab them while you can at!   [via Colossal]    

Bone If I’d – Surgical Screws as Art
After suffering a terrible roller blading injury involving the insertion of surgical screws, what does one do with the screws once they are removed? Commission an art piece! Federico Carbajal’s latest wire sculpture features the lower leg of a woman focusing on the real surgical screws used in reconstructing her ankle. The screws are bright red with a magnifying glass centered over their location. It’s a lasting tribute to the repair and recovery of the body. Federico is an architect based in Montreal. His art is heavily influenced by anatomy and he is best known for his anatomical wire sculptures, […]