Anatomía / Anatomy

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Información Acerca de la Anatomía en MedlinePlus

the visible human project

Radiology Anatomy Atlas, This is a free program, available for Macintosh and Windows, that allows viewing of labeled images of human anatomy.

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, Anatomía del cuerpo humano de Henry Gray, Versión completa (texto y gráficos) gratuita.


Street Anatomy Blog || Morbid Anatomy Blog

Street Anatomy: A Night of Art, Anatomy and Pop Culture with Street Anatomy’s Vanessa Ruiz and Emily Evans
Join Us For An Illustrated Lecture with Vanessa Ruiz, creator of the blog Street Anatomy followed by Q and A with Morbid Anatomy Museum Artist and Anatomist in Residence Emily Evans Date: Friday, July 25 Time: 8:00 Admission: $8 Tickets here Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424 A 3rd Avenue, 11215 Brooklyn, NY RSVP via Facebook Vanessa Ruiz founded the blog Street Anatomy at a time when there was no online presence for medical illustration/art. Over the last seven years, the website it has grown by merging and celebrating the worlds of anatomy, art and pop culture. Join Morbid Anatomy Museum Artist and Anatomist in […]

Tararchy – Bold Anatomy
I spotted the sticker of woman’s face overlaid on a skull with pops of bright dripping color on a newspaper box in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Not long after that I spotted multiple rib cages with the same bold style wheatpasted on a wall. All of this new anatomical street art and I had no idea who created it! After asking a few Chicago street artists, I was told the work is by Tara Zanzig (aka Tararchy), a multi-disciplinary artist with an emphasis on non-traditional screen printing and one of the few female street artists in Chicago at the moment. I invited Tararchy to […]

Thadé – Anatomical Roots
French artist Thadé intertwines human anatomy, nature, and religious elements through flowing, rootlike lines. View more of her work at Behance!      

Hand Screen Printed Cardiac Wallpaper – Intertwined Elegance
From the creator of the popular Day of the Dead Sugar Skull wallpaper comes the Cardiac Wallpaper, a sumptuous design depicting intertwining anatomical human hearts.  The deep red background coupled with the luxurious rich gold pattern makes this beautiful wallpaper an opulent addition to any space. Each roll is screen printed by hand, reinforcing the exceptional quality. We are excited to announce that it is available through our Street Anatomy Store! Technical Information: Roll size: 10m x 52cm (32.8 ft x 1.7 ft) Pattern repeat: 53 cm Created by Anatomy Boutique Hand screen printed in the UK $300 per roll Samples […]

Remy Nurse – Bodyworlds and Syndromes
Remy Nurse, a superbly talented illustrator based in Falmouth, UK disembodies and twists anatomical elements to create surreal scenes influenced by everything from fake cookbooks to rare human syndromes. One of her series, titled Hypocondriacs Handbook “visually interprets a series of obscure and rare syndromes, diseases and ailments that can affect the complex structure of the human body and mind.” For instance, Alien Hand Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that causes hand movement without the person being aware of what is happening or having control over the action. I don’t think I have to explain Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome… This is an artists who is truly inspired by […]