Anatomía / Anatomy

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Información Acerca de la Anatomía en MedlinePlus

the visible human project

Radiology Anatomy Atlas, This is a free program, available for Macintosh and Windows, that allows viewing of labeled images of human anatomy.

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, Anatomía del cuerpo humano de Henry Gray, Versión completa (texto y gráficos) gratuita.


Street Anatomy Blog || Morbid Anatomy Blog

Stackable Coasters Featuring Brain Cross Sections
This makes me scream, “Why didn’t I think of this?!” (As I’m sure every other medical artist out there is screaming as well…). The cerebral minds at ThinkGeek created these glass coasters featuring brain cross section which stack to form a 3D brain. Grab them while you can at!   [via Colossal]    

Bone If I’d – Surgical Screws as Art
After suffering a terrible roller blading injury involving the insertion of surgical screws, what does one do with the screws once they are removed? Commission an art piece! Federico Carbajal’s latest wire sculpture features the lower leg of a woman focusing on the real surgical screws used in reconstructing her ankle. The screws are bright red with a magnifying glass centered over their location. It’s a lasting tribute to the repair and recovery of the body. Federico is an architect based in Montreal. His art is heavily influenced by anatomy and he is best known for his anatomical wire sculptures, […]

Human Word Anatomy
A full vascular body of words by Russian graphic designer, Alexey Khitrov. Created using bezier paths, san-serif and serif fonts, and colorful gradients. I don’t think there’s much continuity with the words, some are anatomically related, some aren’t. But, I do like how the crown of the head states, “I’m full of mistakes, I’m full of mistakes, I’m full of mistakes.” Reminds me of the fabulous Science Typography Series by Dr. Stephen Gaeta.    

We Are Made of Music
Students from the Accademia di Comunicazione collaborated with the Milan-based DLV BBDO agency to create this anatomical ad. It celebrates the 10th anniversary of Rolling Stone Magazine and declares, “We Are Made of Rock” with a metallic rib cage resembling an electric guitar and a bright red heart peeking through. [via Behance] Credits: School: Accademia di Comunicazione, Milan, Italy Agency:DLV BBDO, Milan, Italy Creative Supervisors: Davide Calluori, Matteo Maggiore, Matteo Pozzi, Daniele Tribi Creative Team: Giulia Ricciardi, Ivan Console, Michele Costante, Francesco Mendola, Adriano Disabella, Filippo Vizzani, Alberto Cangialosi. Illustrators: Daniele Tribi, Davide Calluori    

The Anatomical Mirror
This is one of those projects that I wish I could interact with in real life. Anatomie Spiegel (Anatomy Mirror) (video) acts as an interactive mirror allowing the user to see an anatomical reflection of their body. You become the anatomical model. As the user walks towards their anatomical figure, each layer begins to peel off, starting with the muscles (it’s not as gruesome as it sounds). Walk right up to the screen and you become a floating set of organs and vessels. Move around and anatomical labels appear around your reflected anatomy. The project is by Alexander Borner and Simon […]