Anatomía / Anatomy

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Bibliografía en Español

Información Acerca de la Anatomía en MedlinePlus

the visible human project

Radiology Anatomy Atlas, This is a free program, available for Macintosh and Windows, that allows viewing of labeled images of human anatomy.

Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, Anatomía del cuerpo humano de Henry Gray, Versión completa (texto y gráficos) gratuita.


Street Anatomy Blog || Morbid Anatomy Blog

Alexey Kashpersky’s Hyper-Realistic 3D Cadaver
Ukranian born Alexey Kashpersky, created this stunning, hyper-realistic 3D cadaver using ZBrush. The textures and rendering of the wet tissue are incredible! Depictions of cadavers has a long history in anatomical visualization and this piece reminds me of “The Anatomy of the Gravid Uterus” by Jan van Reimsdyk (1774). Alexey has an impressive background. Earning a Master of Visual and Decorative and Applied Arts while in the Ukraine, he went on to create a large volume of 3D work for the television and print industries. Later on he settled down to specialize in scientific visualization. Alexey currently resides in New Jersey where he works […]

Giselle Vitali’s Muscle Pattern Experiments
Giselle Vitali, Barcelona-based medical artist and friend of Street Anatomy, continues to use anatomy as a basis for experimentation and manipulation. I’ve always enjoyed the way she draws muscle fibers, which she tends to focus on in most of her anatomical illustrations. Here she manipulates muscle in a variety of ways to create repeating patterns. An interesting experiment blending anatomy and design!   View more of Giselle’s anatomical work at and at Behance!    

The Anatomical Man Face Corset
British photographer, Richard Sawdon Smith, uses his body as the subject in an ongoing theme titled, “Anatomical Man.” The anatomical tattoos on his skin are a reflection of the anatomical torso as an educational tool used to train physicians. In his recent series, titled “Behind the Face/The Face Corset,” the muscle-shaped corset acts as an extension of the tattoos, bringing Richard closer to a full anatomical model. View the full collection of images at (Warning NSFW!) Richard’s photographic work examines not only anatomy, but disease, life, death, and medicine. He is currently Professor of Photography and Dean of Media […]

The MeDesign Human Health Book
As part of the fascinating MeDesign program at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies at the Rochester Intitute of Technology, a group of MFA Graphic Design students were presented with this challenge, design a book section (4 to 6 pages on a part of the human body); conduct research, write content and design largely non-verbal visual explanations through highly stylized graphic diagrammatic components. Through a 10-week process, the students collaborated and tackled different parts of the body and design. Their goal was to clearly communicate and illustrate medical topics to the general public. The group’s effort resulted in the MeDesign Human […]

Hine Mizushima’s Anatomical Heart Brooch
Happy Valentine’s Day! Slow crafter, needle-felter, illustrator, and puppet stop-motion video artist (amazing job titles) Hine Mizushima created these quaint anatomical hearts. Carefully crafted from felt, these tiny hearts come packaged in a petri dish-like case. I’m not a big brooch wearer, but I’d happily sport this little heart.   As of this post the brooch is sold out, but check in on Hine’s Etsy store!